Call Fenske Galleries for pricing on da Vinci’s “Horse and Rider”.


Date: Oct 1-4

Presented by Brett Maly the appraiser from Pawn Stars.

He will be bringing works from the master to Fenske Galleries. Works from Leonardo DaVinci, Escher, Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Andy Warhol, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Basquiat.

Also, showing will be “HORSE AND RIDER”, the only known bronze sculpture in existence designed by Leonardo DaVinci himself.

(all works will be available for purchase)

“Horse and Rider” is a limited run of bronze castings derived from the only known surviving sculpture by Leonardo da Vinci. Each casting is made to order and directly derived from a single mold of the original three-dimensional sculpture, in beeswax, carved by Leonardo himself more than 500 years ago.

Professor Carlo Pedretti of UCLA, the world’s leading Leonardo da Vinci expert dubbed the one-of-a-kind sculpture “Horse and Rider”. Each sculpture measures approximately twelve inches long, twelve inches high and seven inches wide with base. The total weight is approximately eighteen pounds.

Leonardo Classic limited to 299 total castings most closely resembles the beeswax original at the time it was sculpted by Leonardo da Vinci.

Silver limited to 99 total castings are a unique offering for discerning collectors; this is the only casting finished in precious metal.

“Everything quintessential to Leonardo and his genius is evident in “Horse and Rider” — From his fascination with equestrianism to his harmonious utilization of divine proportion. “Horse and Rider” is truly a masterpiece.” - Brett K. Maly, Fine Art Appraiser